Customer’s challenge

“Riga Norge” is a Norwegian company that manages operational work of different shopping centres in Latvia (s/c “Damme”, “Jugla”, “A7”, “Tukums” , “Rezekne” and s/c “Dauga” in Ogre (in 2017 the mall became the property of “OK Īpašumi”)). They sought for a possibility to effectively manage marketing processes for all 6 shopping centres without employing an in-house marketing department.

Marketing Angels’ solution

Unified marketing strategy and management system

We made a research about competitors and customers’ shopping habits and segmented the shopping centres according to their size, location and consumer reasons for shopping there. We then developed the marketing strategy for each shopping centre given its size and budget and the type of marketing activities that are more appropriate for a certain location.
In order to effectively use the marketing budget, we created one unified marketing strategy and activities plan for all shopping centres, using the same creative idea across all the centres and differentiating on the level of execution according to each centres’ budget. As a result the client received a powerful marketing strategy and activities plan with the exact campaigns, events, timings and budgets for each shopping centre.
Finally, we communicated the marketing plan to all the tenants of each shopping centre as well as managed the everyday marketing communication with them.

We made:

  • Unified marketing strategy for all 6 shopping centres
  • 3-5 marketing campaigns per shopping centre per year
  • Fully outsourced marketing function
  • Online and Offline marketing solutions
  • Everyday communication with s/c tenants

Professional execution of all the planned campaigns and events

During 4 years of successful co-operation, which is still ongoing, we did the whole spectrum of different marketing activities: seasonal advertising campaigns in high shopping periods, like Spring campaign, Christmas campaign, lotteries with different prizes, together with the stylist selected the best pearls from the tenants’ shops to present them as a great find in a direct mail booklet. We also organized BTL events during bigger festivities, like Easter creative workshops for kids, Christmas concerts and even Opera singers flash-mob. Additionally, for four shopping centres we managed everyday Facebook communication as well as paid advertising and growing the followers’ base.

We delivered:

  • Integrated seasonal marketing campaigns, including discounts, POS, lotteries and media advertising
  • Attractive BTL activities in the centres
  • Full-service Facebook communication for 4 shopping centres

Successful co-operation and great results over years

Well thought-through marketing plan and professionally executed marketing activities helped to increase customer traffic to the shopping centres as well as create the image of the beloved shopping and entertainment places among families living in the surrounding area.

  • Unified marketing strategy for 6 shopping centres
  • 3-5 campaigns per shopping centre per year
  • Fully outsourced marketing solutions
  • Online and off-line marketing solutions (more than 9000 Facebook folowers)
  • Constant growth of s/c turnover (+X% on average per year for all s/c)
  • 4 years of successful collaboration
  • over 200 happy shopping centre tenants