Client’s challenge

Riga Coding School has previously collaborated with various agencies, however, the number of applications was not satisfactory, as well as the cost per application (CPA) was too high.

 Marketing Angels’ solution

FACEBOOK advertising account structure

We re-structured the client’s Facebook account to create sales funnels. We also transformed the advertisement texts.


We reviewed the Google Ads account structure and keywords, as well as the content of the ads.

CRO optimization plan for the website

We created the CRO optimization plan for the website, including evidence-based recommendations for improving the website to increase the number of conversions and making the site more user-friendly. We installed correct tracking for conversions – this detailed conversion tracking allowed us to significantly reduce the cost per action (CPA) without increasing the advertising budget and increase the number of customers already during the second month.

Other solutions

We offered other digital solutions (.gif banners, IT test), which allowed to attract the attention of the audience and engaged them in a conversation with the company.

We made:

  • +195,6% increase in registration for courses from digital channels
  • +1135,29% (12 times) increase in registration and +285,19% (almost 4 times) higher conversion rate on Facebook channel
  • +536,11% (6 times) increase in registration and 371,26% (almost 5 times) higher conversion rate on Google channel
  • Reduced cost per registration -80,4%